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Meet Our Speakers

Dr. Peter Kim, MD

Founding Partner of Ascent Equity Group

How Online Courses Changed My Life!

Lindsey Wendler

Managing Director - Mergers & Acquisitions

Impressive Insights Into Healthcare Mergers And Acquisitions!

Dr. Eric Tait, MD, MBA

President, Vernonville Asset Management

The Hidden Asset Class: Private Notes and Private Debt

Dr. David Draghinas

 Founder of Doctor's Unbound Podcast, STR Specialist

What I’ve Learned After Interviewing 200 Doctors on Being Financially Unbound. ​

Dr. Elaine Stageberg, MD, MHA

Owner, Black Swan Real Estate

Doors to Financial Freedom: Why & How Real Estate Investing Creates Cashflow and Generational Wealth​

Dr. David Lubarsky

M.D., M.B.A., Vice Chancellor, Human Health Sciences, CEO UC Davis Health

The Brutal Truth of Healthcare

and How to Prepare​

Dr. Andy Harris

Rep. Andy Harris, MD

Learn Why your Highest ROI may be in Political Activism

Jordan Frey

MD, Plastic Surgery

Avoid Investment Pitfalls and Master Your Investor Psychology ​

Damion Lupo

CCIM, #1 eQRP® expert in America

3 Best Practices for your Retirement Planning inside eQRP

Tom Burns

Founder Rich Doctor LLC/

Orthopedic Surgeon

Why Doctors Don't Get Rich​

David Baker

Investment Manager, Life Settlements

Investing into Life Settlements - Safe Returns While Helping Others​

Rey Hernandez

President, Global Fox Financial

Ex-Bank President Reveals the ROI behind Hard Money Lending and

Becoming your own Bank​

Jefferson DeAngelis

President and Chief Investment Officer at Northwest Passage Capital Advisors

3 Surprising Ways Todays Interest Rates will Affect Your Investments ​

Kate Mangona, MD

Assistant Professor of Pediatric Radiology and Relationship Life Coach

Medicine, Marriage, Money:

Best Practices When Discussing Finances

in your Relationship​

Carl Zoellner

Executive Attorney at Anderson Business Advisors

“5 Surprising Tax Tips Every

Physician Must Know”​

Nathaniel Dodson, Esq.

Founding Partner, Dodson Law Group

Save Yourself! Doing Due Diligence on Real Estate Investments​

Christopher H. Loo, MD-PhD

Retired Orthopedic Surgeon

and Entrepreneur

Investment Psychology: Worst Doctor Mistakes and Learning Points​

Ryan Butz

Portfolio Manager

Clarity Investment Advisors

Portfolio Theory Demystified -

Investments of the Top 0.1%​

David Sawyer JD

Partner and Chief Operating Officer

of Legacy Knight

Amazing Facts About Private Equity - Why You Need More in Your Portfolio​

David Drake

Chairman of LDJ Capital

What You Need to Know About Bitcoin and Crypto - Fad or Future [2021]​

Vineet Goyal

President of VG Financial Group, Expert in Premium Finance of Life Insurance

A Fascinating Behind-The-Scenes look into Dr. Baluch's Leveraged $10M Tax-Free Life Insurance Strategy​

Dr. Umar Burney, MD

Founder of Orthopedic Specialists of Dallas and Founder and Managing Partner of Complete Operations Management Solutions

MSO the Wave of the Future to Keep Doctors Independent​

Dr. Mike Woo-Ming

Founder of Bootstrap MD

Supercharge your Practice with

Cash-Based Services​


Meet Dr. Amir Baluch, MD

Amir Baluch, MD, is an investor, serial entrepreneur, and fund manager at BioWise Capital, LLC. Dr. Baluch has 8 years experience in private equity and securities with series 22 and 63, four years experience under a broker-dealer where he trained to evaluate opportunity, negotiate, mitigate risk, and underwrite.

  • Internationally best selling author of the wealth management and investment book “Make It, Keep It – New Age Wealth Strategies for Physicians”
  • Dr. Baluch is also a regular contributor to Forbes.
  • He and his team have participated in or managed over 80 investment projects, valued over $500M.
  • Dr. Baluch is a member of the Texas Hedge Fund Association  
  • Strategic Advisor to multiple private equity groups and funds such as Angel MD and VIC. 
  • His other ventures include software development, real estate development, and E-Commerce consulting.
  • Dr. Baluch has a degree in Biochemistry from Trinity University and obtained his medical degree from Texas Tech before finishing his anesthesia residency at University of Miami.

Amir’s Story:


I would love for you to join my fight against evil misinformation and transform the lives of other professionals.  My parents went bankrupt when I was 21, which is when I started supporting them as well as my brother.  My dad who was a doctor as well did not have any financial training, only medical, but that was not enough.  That same year I received my rejection letter from all the medical schools.  At that age I learned that one stream of income was not enough, and also it wasn’t enough to just make money in a diversified fashion (multiple streams of income), but also how to preserve and keep it (asset protection, tax knowledge).  And now it’s time for me to give back in the form of education, charity contributions, and mentorship.